My Process

Initial Audit

Before we dig deeper into your app’s conversion funnel, the most important for me is to understand your app business.

  • What is your company vision and product strategy?
  • What value are you providing to your customers?
  • What market segment are you trying to conquer and who are your customers?
  • What does your tech stack look like?

To be able to systematically proceed with the further optimisation, we need to also make sure that your analytics stack is working correctly and all important parts of the funnel are measured. We will use your past data as a baseline and definitive evidence of which optimisations work and which don’t.

Picking Low Hanging Fruit

From my experience, most applications do not follow at least some of the basic heuristics and the best practices when it comes to the onboarding process, anatomy of the subscription screen or overall user experience.

These issues represent a low hanging fruit which can be easily picked and bring immediate improvement to your business performance.

In-depth Analyses

To reveal your biggest conversion killers, we need to deep dive into your data and map your users journeys through the app. User interviews, usability testing and other forms of qualitative research will later help us understand the cause of found issues.

The output of this research phase is a prioritized list of underperforming steps in your conversion funnel which we’re gonna focus on with the optimisation experiments and hypothesis about their malfunction.

Experiment Cycle

Remember, that any changes in your conversion funnel should be handled as experiments. It might lead to the performance improvement but it might also harm the conversion rates or some other business KPIs.

Because of that, it’s important to properly design the experiment, measure the impact of changes and evaluate the results with the whole business in mind.

This cycle repeats over and over with the goal to beat the current baseline.

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